You always buy your copy displays from the same supplier but all of a sudden the quality appears to be different. What is the reason for that? In this blog we explain more about the copy market and why the quality of copy screens may differ.

What is a copy screen?

Copy, ESR, aftermarket, High copy: The manufacturers have come up with various names for the compatible displays which they deliver. Aftermarket displays are self-assembled displays of which all the components are high copy, or in other words, not original. These displays are put together and assembled by small scale factories.

Miscellaneous parts manufacturers

Brands such as Tianma and NCC are leading manufacturers in the field of aftermarket LCDs. They only manufacture the LCD, not the entire display. Other, more specialized factories often produce the flex cables, backlight and digitizers. These components, together with the quality of the assembly ultimately determine the quality of your copy display. However, problems may arise because aftermarket display manufacturers don’t always order their components from the same suppliers. Also, a poor asssembly process can be the cause of certain quality issues.

Common differences between aftermarket displays

Has your aftermarket LCD manufacturer ordered the digitizer for example through another supplier? Then the screen touch may not work properly, even when the colour and clarity of the screen appears to be exactly as you are used to.

Another way in which you can separate the wheat from the chaff is for example the colour of the screen. The colours of a Tianma screen may be closer to the orginal than the colours of NCC screens as this screen is less well calibrated than a Tianma screen. But also vice versa! The use of ESR backlights from different manufacturers may also have the effect of different colour warmth to a screen. Even if everyone refers to it as it an ESR backlight.

The use of another front glass can for example contribute to a difference in the functionality of the touch. Whether gridlines are visible on the screen has to do with which type function panel that is used for the touch.

Hydrofobic coating used or not?

Do you want to know if a hydrophobic coating is used on your screen? You can test this by placing a drop of water to the screen and observing if the droplet remains on the spot or if it trickles down. When a good hydrophobic coating has been applied, the droplet will retain its form and this means that the screen attracts less dirt and grease because of the coating. In addition, a good hydrophobic coating ensures that your screen has a smooth feel and is less rigid.

In short, it is difficult to always ensure the same quality you are used to when using copy screens. This has to do with the fact that the end product is produced by a small manufacturer that has to make many choices in components and assembly. The quality of these components and the quality of the assembly is however of enormous importance to the end product.

Good luck with your repairs!