As you are probably aware, there are various quality levels available on the Chinese market. There are two specific quality levels that we consider to be sub-standard. We would like to explain to you why we have not included these in our range. We would also like to show you how to recognise these quality levels. Read and enjoy!

FOG and Full Refurb: what are the differences?

FOG and Full Refurb screens are quite similar. However, there are one or two differences in quality between the two.

FOG screens

The abbreviation FOG stands for ‘Flex on Glass’.
FOG screens are LCDs that are 100% original, even though they are not installed by the original manufacturer. The separate components are supplied to an after-market manufacturer and glued to together there. The LCDs used for FOG screens are new.

Full Refurb screens

Just like FOG screens, Full Refurb screens use original components that are installed by after-market manufacturers. However, in the case of a Full Refurb LCD, after-market flex cables are often used. Also, second-hand LCDs are often used for Full Refurb screens.
So, for both quality levels the flex cable is installed manually and components are glued together by after-market manufacturers. This decreases the stability of the screen. In order to guarantee our quality, we aim to offer LCDs that are as original as possible and installed by a certified manufacturer.

If you would like to know which quality levels we do offer, all the information can be found on the quality page.

How can you distinguish these quality levels?

In this video, our sourcing manager Wen explains how to recognise FOG and Full Refurb screens. Enjoy watching!