October 5, 2019

Android 0-Day Seen Exploited in the Wild

googletag.cmd.push(function() ( googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-961777897907396673-9');)); 10/4/2019 11:50 AMDark Reading Staff Quick Hits0 comments Comment NowLogin50%50% Tweet Android 0-Day Seen Exploited in the WildThe local privilege escalation vulnerability affects Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and [...]

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New zero-day Android exploit targets Pixel, Galaxy phones-and hackers are already using it

Google's Project Zero team is warning Pixel, Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, Huawei P20, and millions of other Android phone users that a new zero-day vulnerability could let a hacker take full [...]

2019-10-05T19:02:12+00:00October 5th, 2019|Sector news|

Android zero-day gives hackers full control of Pixel, Samsung smartphones

AN ANDROID SECURITY FLAW that was supposedly patched two years ago is being exploited to take control of targets' smartphones. The vulnerability is being used in exploits developed by NSO Group, a company that [...]

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Microsoft’s surprise Android smartphone: What it means for the future of Windows

( "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "Foldable future: How Microsoft hopes to define a new hardware category with Surface Neo and Duo", "description": "ZDNet's Larry Dignan and TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler discuss [...]

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