The electronic market in Shenzhen, China, continues to evolve. Recently, a new Copy screen appeared for the iPhone XR: an In-cell variant. Our sourcing manager Wen tests them for you! Will we add this product to our product range? See the video to find out!

Points of inspection

The In-cell Copy LCDs for the iPhone XR will be tested on various points:

  • Colour representation;
  • Appearance;
  • Brightness;
  • Touch function;
  • Fitting of the screen;
  • Polarized view;
  • Hydrophobic coating.

Besides testing the new In-cell Copy screens, our sourcing manager Wen explains why we do not offer the On-cell screens in our product range.

View the video below:

When our sourcing manager Wen receives a batch of at least one hundred LCDs, a stability test will take place.
If the In-cell Copy screens also pass this test, you can expect these iPhone XR screens in our range.

Do you have any questions for Wen or do you want to know more about these In-cell Copy LCDs for the iPhone XR?
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