In the United States the “Right to Repair” movement has been a hot topic for some time. A European website has recently been published on the subject. As a result, it is likely that we can expect more on this matter. As a smart phone parts distributor, we are of course very interested in this movement. We are also regularly asked for our opinion. By way of this article, we would like to make our stance on the matter clear. Read along. 

Viewpoint “Right to Repair”:
The manufacturer must allow the consumer the freedom to repair and/or modify his/her appliance or have it repaired and/or modified.


In the context of recycling, the prevention of unnecessary waste and having a minimal impact on the environment, we are totally in favour of the ‘Right to Repair’ movement. Having said that, the following comment should be taken note of. Consumer electronics in general, but smart phones in particular, are becoming increasingly complex and sensitive devices. There is a huge difference between the complexity of a Samsung Galaxy S4 for example, compared to the Galaxy S10. The same applies to Apple devices. So, while we are in favour of reusing and repairing devices, we are also of the opinion that this should be carried out by experts in this field.


This is also the main reason why does not sell parts to consumers and/or end users. We do not believe that consumers in general (of course, there are exceptions) have sufficient expertise in house to be able to repair a smart phone. This can only lead to an increased number of defective devices and consequently, to even more dissatisfied end users. When you, as a distributor, start selling parts to end users, you create the expectation that such a repair can easily be carried out by the end user. In reality, however, this often proves not to be the case.

Professional support

That is why it is our policy to only work with and support highly competent repair companies to the best of our ability, by supplying them high quality parts and tools. In addition, we draw on our relationship with manufacturers as much as possible. We point out to them what the advantages are of providing good support to these repair professionals.
In this way, these companies can provide optimum support to the end user with professional service, fast, expert repairs and the most affordable price possible.


We firmly believe that repair of smart phones should be available to everyone, based on the right conditions and criteria. However, we do think that this should be carried out by professionals with the right expertise.

What do you think about the viewpoint of “Right to Repair”? Let us know in de comments.