May 5, 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Laptop 3 now available in India

Seven months after going on sale in the other parts of the world, the latest generation of Surface products is now going on sale in India. Microsoft today announced that the [...]

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Apple’s T2 Security Chip Has Created a Nightmare for MacBook Refurbishers

As predicted, the proprietary locking system Apple rolled out with its 2018 MacBook Pros is hurting independent repair stores, refurbishers, and electronics recyclers. A combination of secure software locks, diagnostic requirements, [...]

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IBM launches Watson AIOps, series of automation tools for IT operations, 5G and edge offerings

| Topic: Artificial Intelligence ( "@context": "", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "What it takes to make AI projects successful", "description": "Tonya Hall talks with Dr. Kathryn Hume, senior director of product and [...]

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Apple’s iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard Are a Good Start – But I Can’t Wait for the Next Version

Let's just get this out of the way: the latest iPad Pro is still the best tablet you can buy, made even better by its improved camera and updated processor. Period. [...]

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