Selling parts for iPhones / iPads and other Apple parts regularly raises legal questions. Apple itself does not sell parts available and this gives the market a free hand. However, Apple also places restrictions on this and it is not always clear what Apple does and does not allow. What about the quality names for our parts?

Quality designations for our iPhone / iPad parts

When it comes to parts designations, Apple likes to be in control. In the case of Apple parts, the term “original” is a term that we always avoid. Simply because there is no proof that these are original parts and because there is no invoice leading to an authorized source.

We use the term “OEM”, which is to some extent synonymous with the term original. We are not sure what Apple thinks of the use of this term. However, we want to be careful and have therefore made some changes to our quality terms. Although the designations change, the qualities remain exactly the same.

New names for our parts

We have removed the term “OEM” everywhere to ensure that we are not in conflict with Apple. The quality “OEM New” will from now on be called “Factory Standard”. The term “OEM Pulled” is replaced by “Pulled” and “OEM Refurb” becomes “Refurb”. “In-cell” and “Compatible” will continue to have the same name.

Old quality names New quality names
OEM New Factory Standard
OEM Pulled Pulled
OEM Refurb Refurb
In-cell In-cell
Compatible Compatible


Nothing changes in our qualities and the requirements we place on our suppliers. The strict control process also remains absolutely the same. We continue to guarantee the high quality parts that you expect from us. Want to know more about our qualities? Read here what the qualities mean.

Do you have questions about the changes in the designations? Let us know in the comments.