Who is behind the accessories from Mobileparts.shop? In this series we would like to introduce ourselves. Meet our accessory team! In this first blog of the series, you will meet Kay Hubbers, sales manager accessories.

My name is Kay Hubbers. I’ve enjoyed working in the telecom industry for many years. For a while I worked in the beverage industry. But still, the telecom industry was in my mind. I was approached by an old acquaintance, with whom I enjoyed working together for years. The question was whether I wanted to supervise a new project within the telecom industry, I didn’t have to think long about this and took the chance!
On the 1st of October in 2019 I started within 2Service as Sales manager accessories. I am responsible for the whole accessories department. A new department within a tremendously growing organization that has taken on a concrete form in recent months.

The accessory team and my role as sales manager

2Service has the ambition to be the one-stop-shop of the Benelux for the telecom industry by the end of 2021. To realize the ambition of 2Service, a complete accessory team has been put together.

Accessoireteam foto 2service
FLTR: Kay Hubbers, Anthonie van Elferen, Martijn Hijnen, Robin Maatman, Paulo Chaves, Robin Nales and Rutger Versteegh.

The team consists of a back office employee, three field sales account managers, a purchasing manager, a designer and myself, sales manager. You will meet my colleagues in the next series. Together, we have over 50 years of experience in the telecom industry. It gives me great pleasure to lead this team on a daily basis. As a sales manager, I am responsible for the strategic policy regarding accessories and the results thereof.

The sales+ concept

Based on the ambition to be the total supplier for the telecom shops in the Benelux, we have thoroughly analysed the needs of the consumers and the market. An question from our clients was the addition of smartphone accessories to our portfolio. We investigated and developed this with the thought and aim that we wanted to offer added value to our customers. This ultimately resulted in our strategic sales+ concept. The sales+ concept consists of ten pillars. With these pillars, we help you get more profit from your company. Curious about these pillars? Read it here.

Three own accessory brands

During our research into the correct interpretation of the needs from our partners, we quickly came to the conclusion that a complete range is best interpreted through the development of own brands.
This way, we can meet all consumer’s needs. Having your own brands offers many opportunities to quickly and flexibly anticipate on the market needs. For example, it is important that you can be the first to supply the latest models of accessories from new device releases. When you have your own resources and a short line in the decision process, you can quickly develop products that meet future market needs.
Another big advantage is that if you have your own brands, the communication link with the reseller is shorter. This makes our margin structure beneficial so we help the reseller to increase their turnover and margin. Promiz, Impact and Minim originated from these thoughts.

Unique combination of products

We offer devices, parts, tools and accessories. To be able to deliver this in a distinctive way, a lot of knowledge and specialisation is required. That is why we develop every business unit with the right specialization of people. With these joined forces, we are able to integrate a complete range.  Together this is a unique combination.

Reseller reactions about our own accessory brands

I think the biggest compliment is if others compliment you and share that with their network. From this, other parties will become interested. You can be convinced in what you do, but if others agree with that, it is the best confirmation and biggest compliment you can get.
Since the launch, we have been able to furnish a number of stores according to our sales+ concept. On social media they thanked us and added photos of their store. Others who saw those pictures responded with positive messages and with the question whether we could drop by to organize this concept for them as well. How amazing is that!? The many positive reactions to our quality products and service is a confirmation for us that we add value to this industry.

The future of our accessories

As you can notice in your daily life, there is an increasing need for smart living in the market. Look at yourself: for what are you using your phone nowadays? Home lighting, camera system, audio systems, (electric) car, sports, health and so on. This will develop even further in the coming years. For us, this means that we must follow this movement closely and continue to innovate to meet the needs of our resellers and their customers.

Do you have any questions for Kay? Let us know in the comments.