Who is behind the accessories from Mobileparts.shop? In this series we would like to introduce ourselves. Meet our accessory team! In this blog of the series, you will meet Martijn Heinen, purchase manager accessories. He will explain how the accessory brands are originated and how the production process went.

In May 2018 I started at 2Service as a purchaser. Before that, I’ve worked as a strategic purchaser and brand manager at One Stop Mobile. At that time, they started with a new accessory brand, so I gained a lot of experience in the field of brand development. At 2Service, there has been a desire to expand the product portfolio with accessories for a while. We agreed that I would first focus on restructuring the existing purchasing department. As soon as this was in order, I could start thinking about the design of the accessory portfolio.

Segments of our products

From the beginning, we decided to produce three different brands so they could be put on the market separately. This made it easier to distinguish the brands from each other in terms of positioning and the target group. This immediately gave our portfolio more body. Our brands stand out for the following:

Promiz: Good value for money, wide range of accessories and models. Appeals to the majority of the customers.

Impact: Best quality and outstanding design. The included applicator is an added value that appeals to many customers. You don’t see this much in the market, which allows us to distinguish ourselves.

Minim: Minimalistic leather cases with a luxurious look. Appeals to a higher rank of customers.

Developing Promiz, Impact and Minim

The development of Promiz and Impact was similar. We went to China several times for this. There, we visited congresses and factories, such as Global Sources Consumer Electronics congress in Hong Kong. The factories we visited consisted of both new suppliers and existing parties from my own network. From my experience, I knew in advance what the portfolio should look like. With that in mind we selected the right suppliers who could supply the relevant products with the right quality.

When the supplier was selected, we fine-tuned the relevant products at product level. How fast this went depended on the type of product. If you have determined that a tempered glass supplier delivers a solid quality, you are almost ready immediately. But for cases, for example, we selected certain types of products and looked at different types of materials. Each example was internally tested within the personnel panel. Hereby, we came a step closer to the correct implementation of our product (series).

For Minim, the approach was similar to Promiz and Impact. However, we did not go to China but to Turkey. In terms of leather, appearance and quality, there are many more opportunities in Turkey. What was different here, compared to China, is that we also visited our supplier’s suppliers. So we could select the right leather. For example, we visited a tannery and visited a leather wholesaler. This gave us a complete picture of the possibilities and the available variants. Like Promiz and Impact, we tested various product variants and leathers to the personnel panel.

How we guarantee the quality of our accessories

The quality of the products is guaranteed in various ways. I was already familiar with existing suppliers with a stable quality level. This was an important advantage in assessing and selecting the right supplier. We have extensively tested all products internally. In addition, certain products require certifications. These certifications largely guarantee the quality of the products. For example, products in the charging segment must have a CE, ROHS, REACH and FCC certification. With lightning cables, we have chosen to release a variant that has an official MFI certification.

Finally, all products are assessed and handled according to the AQL industry standard for a quality control. The quality of the batch is tested randomly. If the results exceed the standard, a few products or sometimes even an entire production batch will be rejected and must be corrected or produced again. This way we can guarantee our quality and only supply the best accessories.

The packaging of accessories

The packaging of Promiz, Impact and Minim are created in the same way. We first looked at the packaging from other brands in the market. Based on this, we thought about which type of packaging we prefer. Subsequently, we took on a specialized design agency that, based on our input and their experience, further elaborated a number of packaging concepts in the house style of each brand. The elaboration of these concepts was almost immediately good. After that, we made sample packages in China. When these were approved, we further developed the concepts internally at a detailed level for each product type. Robin, our designer, took care of that.

Do you have any questions for Martijn or about the production process of our accessories? Let us know in the comments.