In the previous blog you read how to find beautiful photos for your social media and website. We teach you how to pour these images into a template to distinguish yourself. In this blog you will learn more about the free design programs Canva and Crello. This way you know which graphic programs you can use best to create visual content.

With images on your website, Facebook page and Instagram profile, you want to attract the attention of your customers. This can be done by using high-quality photos. You can also use these photos in a beautifully designed template. If you put your photo’s into a designed template, they stand out even more and it makes sure that you can distinguish yourself better. This, because using a unique template helps you to create your own style that fits your corporate identity. The best thing is, you don’t even need expensive design programs like Photoshop for this! We would like to introduce you to two free online design programs: Crello and Canva!

Create visual content with Crello or Canva

With Canva and Crello you can easily create beautiful designs for your presentations, posters, flyers, Facebook expressions and Instagram posts. This gives your repair shop a unique and professional look, both offline and online. How does it work?

Download the user manual for designing with Canva & Crello here.

Create your Canva or Crello account to access the design programs. Both programs are free to use. You will have access to thousands of templates.
The Canva and Crello home pages are almost the same after login. With both design programs you can navigate on the homepage to create a design. Canva offers a number of pre-formatted templates on the home screen. Also, you will find your self-made designs here. Click on “Create a design” to determine the size of your design based on your goal. After that, you have access to various free templates. On Crello, it works differently: you will immediately see various templates on the home screen to choose from. Your own designs will be placed on the page in the top bar “My designs”. In both programs there are already a few pre-set empty work fields ready for you.

User interface

With both programs, your user interface is shown on the left. At the top, both design programs allow you to publish your designs in various file types. The only option that is different with Canva is that the settings of your design can be found at the top of the page. With Crello a new window opens on where you can adjust settings.

Available templates and customizing them

Canva has several available templates that you can use, divided into themes like posters, letterheads, CVs, logos etc. Crello also offers some pre-formatted templates but not as much as Canva. So if you lack inspiration, you can better use Canva. Both design programs offer the possibility to use animated images in your design. However, with Canva this option is only available in the paid version. With Crello you can make a square video post, without having to pay for it. However, you cannot add animations to your design.

Using photos and elements in your designs

Do you want to use photos in your design? Canva offers you a wide range of free and paid royalty-free photos that you can use. At Canva, paid and free images are mixed together, at Crello these are separated. Both platforms offer a wide range of elements. However, this feature is more extensive at Canva, compared to Crello. Here you can add graphics, shapes, icons and frames. Frames are called masks at Crello. This allows you to display images in a preferred shape.

Import media from other websites or platforms

At Crello, it is unfortunately not possible to import images directly from other websites such as stock photo websites. Canva does offer this feature, even in the free version. You can find this option under “More” in your user interface. Here you can import images or elements from Pexels, Pixabay, you can add emojis and import images from your social media channels like Instagram.

In both programs you can upload your own images. Handy, for example, if you want to add your company logo to your design. However, Crello goes a step further in this. You can also import fonts that you have installed on your computer.

Change design dimensions

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the dimensions of your design in Canva. This is possible at Crello, even in the free version. You can do this with one click, at the top of your editing window.

Save and publish your design

With both design programs you have the option to publish your design as JPG, PNG and PDF. With that, you should be able to use your design on social media and your website. Unfortunately, the free Canva version does not allow you to publish images with a transparent background. You sometimes need this option, for example when you created a logo.

Design via your phone and costs

For both Android and iOS, the Canva app can be downloaded for free on your phone or tablet. For Crello, the app is only available for iOS.

Both design programs are free to use. However, some functionalities are only available in the paid variant. Do you want to use extra tools, photos and elements? Then a paid Canva account will cost you $ 107.88 per year and Crello $ 95.88! Both platforms offer monthly payments.

Conclusion: Canva or Crello?

In short, we can say that both Canva and Crello are helpful design programs with which you can create a lot of beautiful visual content, in your own style. There are small differences, so you have to take a good look at the purpose of your design. Do you want to make a logo? Then we advise to use Crello because you can use a transparent background. Do you have no inspiration for beautiful content and do you want to get ideas? Then use the template library of Canva for cool templates that you can completely customize.

Download the manual for Canva and Crello here. We wish you good luck in creating beautiful visual content! Do you have questions? Let us know in the comments.