Who is behind the accessories from Mobileparts.shop? In this series we would like to introduce ourselves. Meet our accessory team! In this blog, you will meet Anthonie van Elferen, back office account manager accessories.

My name is Anthonie van Elferen and I am 29 years old. In November 2019, I started at 2Service. With ten years of work experience in the shop at Telfort, I know what the needs of the costumers and the reseller are. I can put this into practice on a daily basis. For example, a good store presentation is important and a balanced range of accessories is needed to meet the costumers needs. In my current position I always take this into account when drawing up a tailor-made plan for potential resellers.

The function of a back office account manager

In the first quarter that I worked at 2Service, I mainly helped to set up the accessories. This includes perfecting the offer, researching the options for the presentation and setting up a format for the shelf plans and quotations. Now, I draw up plans for new customers who want to join as a reseller, based on the input I receive from my field colleagues. I always make a tailor-made plan and see where the possibilities lie in matters that can help potential resellers to get the most out of their accessory sales. Based on sales analyses, I ensure that the offer is as up-to-date as possible. I also support the field staff when they are on the road by providing them with the information they need.

At the moment I am perfecting our presentation material. Every day I am looking for good and beautiful desk displays and / or floor displays and I request samples to see if they fit our sales+ concept. I look at how we can display our cases and other accessories in the best way. This, in order to ensure that your customers, the consumers, get a good picture of the product range of accessories.

Designing a tailor-made shelf plan

I receive all information for drawing up a custom quotation and design from the field service account managers. They identify the wishes of the customer during a personal conversation with potential resellers. Based on this, I can make a shelf plan with the dimensions of the available space. I also look at the customer’s budget and what is already in his or her store. I also advise which presentation material is best to use and I bring them into contact with suppliers of, for example, slatt walls for their store. Then my field service colleagues discuss the plan with the customer and then I ensure that the order is shipped the next day with the corresponding POS material that ensures the correct appearance. Our POS material consists of high-quality foam boards. These boards can be attached to the wall with tape. The POS material is available in the two most common dimensions, this can be cut out on location so it fits perfectly on your wall.

After designing a shelf plan, it doesn’t stop for me. My colleagues from the field service visit the customer four times a year. Based on this, we get feedback from the customer and determine the next step. The question we ask ourselves: how can we update the shelves for the reseller so that his shelf yields the best revenue? We will look at how our accessories have been sold and what we can do to help and maximize turnover. I also make these analyses for the customer.

Customer contact

I am here to help the customer if there are any questions or complaints. That way we can help quickly, which is something I find very important. In general, I notice that resellers are very positive about our offer! That is nice to hear after your hard work.

Do you have questions for Anthonie or would you like to know more information about a personal shelf plan? Let us know in the comments!