There are currently several providers of refurbished and Pre-Owned (used) devices. They all offer different qualities and are often not completely transparent about what you buy. As a one-stop-shop, we also want to offer devices, but we want to be clear what exactly you are buying. This is the only way to compare the devices by price. In this blog we will explain what quality we deliver and why. We also make two promises that are very beneficial for you and your customers.

Our promises

We do not compromise on the quality of our devices. This is why it is possible that your desired model is not in stock at all times. When this is the case, we unfortunately have not been able to find a device that meets all our quality standards. Find our promises regarding our devices below.

1.       Completely honest about the quality of the battery

Minimal cycles + low age = maximum capacity. only offers products of the best quality. We strictly inspect the devices for cosmetic damage. In addition, of course, the technical aspect is also very important. Another important indicator that is often forgotten: the battery. We test the battery of every device that arrives with special software. We look at how many charging cycles the device has had, read the age and capacity. Finally, we assess the quality of the device based on all the results. For example, an iPhone can cosmetically look like an A grade, but finally get a B grade due to the battery status. Do you want to know why the number of charging cycles and age are so important? Read it in the blog: Batteries in relation to used devices.
Battery of Pre Owned devices

2.       Sufficient margin for you as a reseller

Guaranteed 17.5% to 30% discount on the cheapest provider of new devices.
Offering Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads is not an goal in itself for many resellers. After all, it must provide benefits for you as well as your customer. That is why we look at the new price offered by other providers such as Belsimpel (with the exception of promotions). We believe that our Pre-Owned iPhones should be 17.5% to 50% cheaper. Our qualities can be compared to new so there is a sufficient benefit for you and your customer. As a reseller, you can earn €25,- to €100,- on a device.

We offer completely original Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads

We have various Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads in our range. These devices have been used for a very short time and we distinguish them in three qualities: Like New (A +), Nearly New (A) and Slightly Used (B). Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads are guaranteed never to be repaired on the motherboard. Therefore, the failure rate is low, comparable to a completely new device. We grade the device in various areas. In addition to the cosmetic and technical aspects, the condition of the battery is just as important to us. We classify the devices based on the charging cycles, age and capacity. We believe that just stating the percentage of the battery capacity is not enough.
Please see below how we classify the qualities.

Do you want to purchase large numbers, whether or not in your own house style? Our account managers are happy to provide you with a quotation, contact us at ( or +31 (0) 88-2340390.For all qualities, the LCDs are 100% original. Also, our Pre-Owned devices are not refurbished. The devices come in a box packaging, the sticker on the box is easy to remove. Pre-Owned iPhones come with a Promiz charger and cable (our own brand with MFI license). The previous data on the devices is completely erased by the factory reset. We check the quality of our devices based on our grading conditions. In addition, a warranty period of 12 months at 2Service B.V applies to every device.

Curious which devices we have in stock? Please see our webshop.