Who is behind the accessories from Mobileparts.shop? In this series we would like to introduce ourselves. Meet our accessory team! In this blog, you will meet Rutger Versteegh, Robin Nales and Paulo Chaves. Our field account managers.

Our field team consists of three account managers: Rutger Versteegh, Robin Nales and Paulo Chaves. They travel all over the country to support you as a customer in ordering parts, tools and devices. Since the launch of our accessory brands, our account managers are now also coming to support you with the sale of our accessories.

Our account managers

We have three account managers. We have divided the Netherlands and Flanders among the account managers so that everyone has their own area and can visit customers.

Our customers can contact Rutger if they live in the provinces North Holland, South Holland or Utrecht: “I am 29 years old and I have been working at 2Service for two years. After my study I was looking for a job in consumer electronics because I had an affinity with this. ”
Customers in the North of the Netherlands can contact Robin: “I am 32 years old and have gained a lot of experience in the telecom industry. I worked for ten years at Telfort, where I started as a sales assistant and grew into an assistant manager. ”
Finally, the south of the Netherlands and Flanders. Customers in this region are visited by Paulo: “I have been working in the industry for many years and I have gained a lot of experience. For example, I have noticed at Telfort, KPN and other companies that entrepreneurs pay little attention to the sale of accessories. I like to help entrepreneurs with this. ”

Visiting new and existing customers

We visit customers who are interested in our accessories. We get these leads from our colleagues. Nowadays we are also often approached via our Mobile Repair Talk NL Facebook group. We also visit customers who we think need information about our products. Of course we also visit existing customers. This way we maintain personal contact and we can answer questions immediately.

Arranging the stores with Promiz, Impact and Minim

If customers are interested in our accessories, we meet them and discuss their wishes. Based on this, our colleague Anthonie makes a shelf plan. We put up the shelves and help fixing and customizing the POS material.

The first reactions from the market to our accessory brands

The first customers where we organized a shelf plan are very enthusiastic! We often hear that they especially find the Minim brand exceptional due to its unique packaging and the quality of the leather. Our return policy is also seen as very unique in the market. Items that are not sold may still be returned within 180 days of the invoice date. It’s nice to see that most of our customers show their appreciation to us, but it’s even more nice that they also praise our products online!

Everything for repair available in one place

Paulo finds it special that we have a wide range of products. This also makes the work interesting. “What I find unique is that we can provide you with the best quality parts, tools, devices and accessories. This is easy for resellers because they can order everything they need in one place. This also ensures that my activities are diverse and that I am aware of all developments in the market, in every area. I like to be able to offer a total concept. ”

Would you like to get to know our accessory brands or one of our account managers? Please contact us via sales@2service.nl.