You probably received the news that Huawei could no longer use the services of Google. This, of course, also includes the well-known smartphone Android operating system and all services connected to it, such as the Play Store. For new devices, Huawei has therefore chosen to develop its own operating system with associated app store, the App Gallery.

The P40 series has already entered the market in Europe and includes the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Lite versions. All these devices no longer contain Google products. Huawei knows that consumers who purchase these devices, may have to get used to the new system and the App Gallery of Huawei itself. That is why Huawei has developed a VIP service to help these consumers.

Huawei VIP service preparations up and running

To carry out this VIP service, Huawei Belgium was looking for a network of telecom stores that can conduct this in an accurate and independent manner. They approached us for this, because we have an extensive network of customers in Belgium. Based on a list of desired locations from Huawei, we have made recommendations for a number of repair shops from our customer base. Together with Huawei Belgium, we are preparing these shops for a VIP service. Shops that offer this service, will also be visible in the service app on the P40 smartphones and on the website of Huawei Belgium.

What exactly does the VIP service of Huawei mean?

The VIP service helps consumers to switch from their old device to their new Huawei device. This can be from an iPhone with iOS device, any Android device or a Huawei device with Android system. The service basically consists of 5 steps;

  • The initial installation;
  • Confirmation of the support app;
  • Installation of frequently used apps;
  • Data transfer from the old to the new device;
  • Service information for the consumer.

After this service, the consumer is completely ready to use their new Huawei device with great pleasure!

2Service is honored to be able to call itself a Huawei Partner thanks to this collaboration and is proud to perform this service together with the selected repair professionals.