In the coming months, we will be working with a user experience (UX) agency to completely renew our webshop. We are moving away from our old processes and structures and want to offer you the best user experience. Our webshop now leaves much to be desired and just like you, we are disappointed.

Not a standard webshop

In 2015 we started with a webshop for consumers and retailers. On this webshop, we sell original Samsung white and brown goods parts. Our system has been set up on the basis of this shop and product range. Over the years, there have been many necessary developments on our back-end, but this has come at the expense of our front-end. The loading speed and functionality of the webshops are not at the level that we strive for. resulted from a huge demand for mobile phone parts and our number of brands and product groups grew steadily. Our system was not made for this. With the result that the shops were not always fast and functional. Because we see a lot of room for improvement, our own development team delivered its own ERP system in the beginning of this year. This fully meets our requirements that are necessary to realize a better webshop.

Collaboration with user experience experts

Our own ERP system now enables us to start completely over with our webshops. We can now organize our processes and databases as we envision. We want to offer you the best experience, that is why we are working together with an agency that specializes in user experience and usability.
Our focus will no longer be on creating new functionalities in the current webshop, because we will put more time into designing an optimal webshop for the future! Naturally, we will continue to optimize the current webshop so that you can continue to use our store and products.

The first research results

The coming months will be all about the big remake for us! We will regularly ask you for input in order to realize an optimal shop that suits your wishes and ordering process. For example, the survey we took two weeks ago, gave us answers about the actions that you take on our shop. Also, which menu structure suits your wishes how our visitors search for a specific product. We received fifty responses, we want to thank you for that! We use all valuable input for the basis of our improvements. With this, we hope to realize a webshop that is fully equipped for you and the future.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Let us know below and we will get in touch!