To be or to remain successful, you must be visible online; you want to let (potential) customers know that you exist, stand out from the competition, convince potential clients to become a customer and let them find their way to your store. Even if you don’t have an webshop, consumers will look around online and then have their repair done in a physical store. If you are not present during this online orientation phase, the consumer will, in many cases, opt for a competitor. Therefore, use online advertising and reach your customers! How do you do that? With these seven tips especially for repair shops, we help you create successful advertisements.

These tips are specifically about advertising with Google Ads. This allows you to reach people that are interested in your company or your services and / or products. When someone searches for a specific keyword, your ads will appear on top of the organic results in Google.

Tip 1: Advertise locally

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage how your company is displayed in, for example, Google Maps and Search. This is how customers can find you. In addition, according to Google, customers will consider your business more reliable if your business is verified on Google.  Link your Google Ads account to your own Google My business. As a result, addresses, phone numbers and a link with directions will appear with your ads. Add it in Google Ads under “Ad & extensions”, click on “Extensions” and then press the plus sign next to “location extensions”. In addition, local search ads are also displayed on Google Maps.
Please note: keep information about your company in Google My business up to date, so that the correct information is always displayed in your ads.

Tip 2a: Use relevant trademarks as keywords

Use a relevant trademark as a keyword to show your ads to people who want to have a certain type of brand (e.g. “Samsung”) or type of product (e.g. “iPhone”) repaired. Don’t just add all keywords as so-called “broad keywords” (fix iPhone), but delve into other search types, such as a so-called “broad match modifier” (+ iPhone + repairs). You then add a “+” before the keyword. Ads targeting “broad keywords” will also bring up synonyms, related keywords, and other keyword variations, causing the ad to be shown to a broader audience. As a result, the advertisements do not match the search query, so that you are throwing money away to people who are not relevant.

Tip 2b: Use trademarks wisely so your ads will be approved

Many repair shops run into their advertisements being disapproved because they contain trademarks. For example, you want to let customers know that you repair phones from brands such as Samsung or Apple, or types of products such as an iPhone or Galaxy. Google protects those trademarks. In principle, the following applies: you can use a trademark as a keyword, for example “iPhone repair Amsterdam”. You are not allowed / limited use of a trademark in advertising texts. Only authorized advertisers are allowed to use trademarks in the ad text.

How can I use trademarks?

Fortunately, there are ways you can still use trademarks in advertising; the following requirements apply for resellers and informative websites:

  • Reseller: “The ad’s landing page is primarily intended to sell (or facilitate the sale) of products, services, parts, spare parts, suitable products or services related to the trademark. The landing page must provide a clear way to purchase the products, services or contain commercial information (such as rates or prices) about the products or services.” (Source: Google)
    Informational sites: “The main purpose of the ad’s landing page is to provide information about products or services related to the trademark.” (Source: ​Google)

If the ads comply with the reseller and informational site policies, the trademarked ads are usually not disapproved by Google. If so, you must either remove the trademark displayed in the ad text or request authorization from Google to use the trademark. (Source: ​Google)
Do you want to know whether your advertisements are (limited) approved or rejected? Click on “Ads and extensions”, go to “Ads” and check the status behind each ad to see if you can run an ad. An ad can be approved, disapproved or restricted. In the latter case, the ad may be served but not in all situations due to the restrictions such as trademark use.
More information about disapprovals, can be found if you hover over the status of the ad with your mouse. You can see which trademarks have been incorporated in the ad text and which have not been approved. Here you will also find information about the requirements for resellers and informational sites.

Tip 3: Update your ads automatically so that they become even more relevant to users

With the “Insert Keyword” feature, you can automatically update your ads with the keywords in your ad groups that triggered your ads to show. This way, your ads can be made more relevant to users searching for what you offer. Add {KeyWord: keyword} where the keyword should appear in the ad.
Please note: Do not use this feature if you are using competitor names in your keywords. In this case, the competitor’s name will also appear in your ads, which is not allowed. In addition, set up the Google Ads account so that all keywords in the group fit in the ad where you add the feature, to avoid getting weird phrases or the keyword not fitting in the ad text.

Tip 4: Test, test and test again

Test again and again. Add a minimum of two and preferably at least three ads to each ad group. Google will test which ad performs best over time and will show it more often.
In addition, always add a so-called “responsive search ad” as one of the ads. Then you create multiple headings and descriptions. Depending on the Googled terms, a potential customer will see a variant that best fits his or her search query.
Testing is also important if you use trademarks in your ad. Test different variations in ad text to see what works best.

Tip 5: Use synonyms

Is your ad still being disapproved? Then use similar words in your ad headlines and descriptions that accurately reflect what your company does. Think for example of keywords such as “phone repair” or “phone screen repair”.

Tip 6: Provide distinctive advertisements

As a repair shop, you are not the only one who advertises on certain search terms. Everyone wants to be at the top of Google search results. How do you ensure that the searcher clicks on your ad and not on your competitors? By making your ads as distinctive as possible!
Make a list for yourself with the characteristics of your company and the added value for the customer. Enter a few keywords on Google and see what the first search results are. What does it say there? And what distinguishes you from these competitors? Are you cheap compared to your competitors? Then state the prices in your ad text to appeal to price-conscious consumers. If you deliver the highest quality, tell them that you use original parts.
Do not forget to write the advertisement texts from the customers point of view and translate the unique points of your company into the benefits for the them. Instead of “Original parts” you say or “Retention of warranty, because we always use original parts”.

Tip 7: Don’t forget the call-to-action

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your ad text. This gives readers a reason to click and encourages them to take an action on your website. Include in the call-to-action a reason why they should take the desired action, for example: “Come by and we will repair your mobile immediately within 1 hour”.

Need help advertising?

The core of advertising in Google Ads is relatively straightforward once you’ve studied the basic settings. However, if you want to set up an effective Google Ads campaign, there is more to it. Do you want to get more profit from your advertisements and use your campaign more efficiently and effectively? SGNM can help you with this. In a market with a lot of competition, SGNM helps you to sharpen your distinctive values ​​and to get a return from your campaigns. But it’s not just the campaign that matters; also the combination between the Google Ads campaigns and your website. Because if someone comes to your website from the advertisement, you naturally want him or her to be encouraged to take action. In addition, SGNM is looking at the possibilities to get in touch with your target group through additional online channels and to arouse interest in your repair shop.

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