To optimize the repair process, you need the best tools. We want to offer you the best range, with all the tools you really need for your daily repairs. We cannot select the best tools with just theory. That is why we have teamed up with Justin Ashford from the Art of Repair. So you can have the best tools, selected by repairers and for repairers.

Who is Justin and why did he make a tool selection?

Justin Ashford is a passionate tech and repair enthusiast. He spent many years building his own shop and brand. His love for tools is enormous. Visiting the markets in Shenzhen to search all the new tools as they arrived was one of his favorite hobbies while he lived in China.
Now, he made a selection so you can use the best, and only the best tools for your repairs. This way, you don’t have to spend time and money on the wrong tools! He has tested hundreds of tools and found the best of the best. From now on, you can find Justin’s selection on our webshop. We’ve added over 150 new tools! In the coming weeks, we will update the range weekly. So stay connected!

“Every year, we keep seeing new ‘innovations’ in the repair space, it’s time for tools to get that kind of love and attention, like they have always deserved.”
– Justin Ashford

Watch the video below, get to know Justin, find out about our collaboration and the strict selection process of the tools.

 Read more about Justin and our collaboration here.

Apply for the BETA Tool Program and share your opinion worldwide

Beta Tool Program

In addition to Justin’s opinion, we also believe that your opinion is very important. Help the community and share your opinion with the BETA Tool Program! When you are a participant, we will send you free tools that you can test and use. In return, we would like to hear your point of view on the tool. Help your fellow repairers and sign up now! You can find more information and apply here.

Video’s about tools

Besides a complete range of tools, we will also inform you about the latest tools and the best tips and tricks. in addition, we will discuss and review various tools so you can decide if the tool is for you. Don’t miss it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. All video’s will be endorsed by Justin Ashford!

Do you have any questions regarding the new tool selection? Let us know in the comments.