Sometimes your customers does not want to pay much for the repair and wants it done as cheap as possible. We now also offer you the parts that you can use for cheaper repairs or if the manufacturer does not provide original parts. Namely: refurbished LCDs for Google, OnePlus and Oppo. We offer this as an extra service. You can of course still buy original parts in our webshop.

Sometimes it is difficult to get your hands on smartphone parts from Google, OnePlus or Oppo. Sometimes the offer of original parts is very low because the manufacturer makes few or no parts available. This can be very frustrating for you as a repairer when you need the part for a repair for your customer. We want to offer you an alternative, namely: refurbished parts. Besides, customers sometimes want to have their phone repaired as cheap as possible. With refurbished parts that is possible! These LCDs are cheaper than the original LCDs from the manufacturer. In this way, you can let your customer make the choice between original of cheaper refurbished parts.

Our refurbished quality

Refurbished screens are LCDs with broken or scratched glass. Only the screens with a working LCD panel will be used for a refurbished screen. With a heating plate, the front glass will be removed and a new polarizer will be placed. When needed, also the backlight will be replaced. The refurbished screens that we offer do not include a frame. We consciously opted for this because the quality did not meet our standards.
As you are used to from us, we only offer high-quality parts. This also applies for our refurbished Google, OnePlus and Oppo LCDs. The LCDs, like our parts for iPhone and iPad, are sourced in Shenzhen, China. Our sourcing manager Wen searches the electronic markets for the best possible LCDs. The LCDs go through an extensively quality test and only the best high-quality screens end up in our warehouse.

Lifetime warranty

Because we can guarantee the quality, we give a lifelong warranty on the parts. Lifetime warranty gives you assurance of quality that you can also guarantee to your customers. The lifetime warranty applies to LCDs with dead pixels and LCDs with manufacturing defects. In that case you will always get your money back. However, this does not apply to impact and fall damage. If you want to return a LCD, you must register this online via the RMA tool and indicate the reason for return during the procedure. Then you send your return for free and we credit the purchase amount. Quick and simple!

Available refurbished LCDs

We offer various Google, OnePlus and Oppo refurbished LCDs. Below, you can find a list with all the available smartphone models. All LCDs are exclusive of frame.

LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 3
LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 3 XL
LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 3A
LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 3A XL
LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 4
LCD Touchscreen Google Pixel 4 XL
LCD Touchscreen OnePlus 6
LCD Touchscreen OnePlus 6T
LCD Touchscreen OnePlus 7
LCD Touchscreen Oppo A9 2020
LCD Touchscreen Oppo A72
LCD Touchscreen Oppo A91
LCD Touchscreen Oppo Reno 4
LCD Touchscreen Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G
LCD Touchscreen Oppo Find X2 Pro
LCD Touchscreen Oppo A5 2020
LCD Touchscreen Oppo Reno 2
LCD Touchscreen Oppo Reno 2Z

Do you have questions about the refurbished parts or would you also like to see refurbished parts from other brands? Let us know in the comments.