It is hard to find a way into the tool world. There are so many brands and options. That is why we want to help you find the right tools. To make sure, that you got the right set to start with level 3 repair, we’ve made a list of tools that you need for your microscope. So, let’s take a look at the products and find out what suits you best.

To get started, you need a simufocal microscope head. With this microscope head, you can look at the part both through the camera and directly via the microscope. To capture images and video of your work, use a standard 1080p 60fps microscope camera in combination with a .35 reduction lens. You use that lens to mount a C-mount camera on top of the microscope head. Micro soldering is, of course, a precise job, so you need a good view. With the .5x Barlow lens you create the perfect distance to see everything well. We also recommend using a barlow lens cover to ensure that no dust gets on your microscope head. For the very best image, also use a 144 LED light. This lamp provides an optimal view of your workplace.

Now, we’ve covered the basics. All you need now is a stand. But, there are various stands available. Do you not know which one to choose? We will explain the difference.

Types of Microcope stands

To start with, the Basic Light Weight Stand (AOR-M-013). This particular stand comes with Silicone Repair Pad and white Focusing Rack that includes a magnetic PCB holder and silicon mat! This stand is the basic and cheapest option. Because the stand is light weighted, it is easy to unplug and use it in multiple locations. It is the best option if you need to go mobile! It is just not that stable compared to other stands.

Following up, the Movable Heavy Boom Microscope Stand (AOR-M-009). This stand comes with a focusing rack. With the metal rework station setup, you will get a solid base to work on. Another benefit is the space that you have to organize all your tools and small components. This is a very heavy stand and therefore it is not really portable. But you will be sure of a stable and classic stand.

Next, the Articulating Arm (AOR-M-010). This stand has a focusing rack for the stereo microscope head. If you move around a lot, this is definitely the perfect stand for you! The long reach articulating arm can keep your scope out of the way when needed. It will give you the most desk mobility, allowing you to work on a variety of sized items, on and off the table. But the drawback can be that the arm will shake a little bit if someone walks by or if you move your table.

Last but not least, the Basic Boom stand (AOR-M-012). This specific stand includes a gold Metal Rework Stand and a white Focusing Rack. The stand is incredibly stable and heavy. Therefore, it will never move from its place! Also, it can move when you for example need to work on a charge port as it allows you to adjust the microscope to the desired height and depth.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!
Goodluck with your repairs.