We would like to introduce a renewed, optimized and responsive webshop! We have also had help from you. Based on your needs, we’ve created a new webshop. Thank you very much for that! In this blog we will give you a preview of the new functionalities.

Your personal dashboard

To start with, we have developed a personal dashboard for you. You can see the status of your last order, whether your returns have already been processed, the status of a backorder or how much credit you have left. You can also easily find all your invoices and previous orders. You will find it all on one page! Nice and easy.

Find your supplies easily

In our optimised search bar you can now quickly and easily find everything you need. In the new webshop you can search by terms and model names! This makes it easier for you to quickly find products and to navigate without using the menu bar. Tip: search with English terms for the best results.

Switch easily between product groups and models

Are you ordering a backcover for the iPhone 11 and does the customer also wants to order a case? Then you can easily navigate between the product groups and stick to the model! This saves you searching and stimulates additional sales because you are reminded of the different product groups! You can translate this to your customer.

Hide retail prices for your customers

One of the wishes of several repair shops was the option to make the price invisible. Do you want to show the range or explain the difference between the qualities via our webshop to the customer and is a customer looking with you? Then click on the eye at the top right. All prices will be made invisible. That way you can keep your margin without having to explain it.

Freezing the shopping cart in your screen

Do you have a whole list of items you need to order at the end of the day? Sometimes during the ordering process you get confused as to whether you have already put a certain item in your basket or not. Before, you always had to leave the page and go to the shopping cart. Now you can show the shopping cart permanently! That way you can always keep track of what you have already put in your basket. If you don’t want the shopping cart on your screen, you can easily click it away.

There are many more new features, but we would also like to let you discover the new webshop. Do you have any questions about the new features? We will be happy to help you via info@mobileparts.shop or +31 (0)88 – 2340 392.