To make sure you can do your Apple repairs as efficient and effective as possible, we asked senior Apple repair engineer Jelle for his most important tips. Besides, we advise you about the right use of parts and tools for Apple repairs.

You want to help your client with his defective device, and hope that after he leaves your shop completely satisfied, he can use his device to the fullest again. Senior Apple repair engineer Jelle tells how he handles different kinds of Apple repairs.

The best tools for Apple device repair

‘At first, I make sure my workspace is ESD-friendly. This means I make sure I am grounded before I start repairing. This prevents the risk of an Electro Stratic Discharge while I am repairing’, Jelle tells us. Find different ESD tools in the webshop.

As I start preparing my Apple repairs, I heat up the device which I want to open up for repair. ‘I always use a heat plate for this’, Jelle explains. The adhesive that sticks the screen and frame together, loses its consistency through the heat. This helps to open up the device much more easily.

ADVISE | Please don’t use too much power opening a iPhone 12 or 13 device. The screen is paper thin and is therefore very fragile.  

Apple repair tools

Jelle: ‘After heating-up the device, I erase the screws with a Pentalobe screwdriver. These are especially made for iPhone screws. The triwings screwdriver has been used by Apple engineers most of the time. I put the screws on a magnetic mat by order, so I can stick to this order for replacement. Apple uses screws of different sizes, so the order of placement is very important.’

To lift up the screen from the frame, we recommend using a plastic opening tool in combination with a suction cup. This is to prevent frame damage.

Want to keep the water resistance and 3D touch functionality?

Select parts with a good fitting to make sure the phone keeps its water resistance and 3D touch functionality and to protect the device from dust and dirt. Each quality or supplier has its own fit and quality of parts. Also the screen quality can be very different! It can be necessary to start some research to find the perfect supplier for your repairs. Just to make sure the devices keep their touch sensibility and to make sure the 3D touch will keep on working. Jelle explains: ‘I always stick to Factory std quality for the best result’.

ADVICE | Always use Adhesive stickers for the best sealing between the frame and the screen.

Prevent error messages after iPhone 11 screen repair

Never forget to transfer the screen serial number from the old to the new screen to prevent touch screen problems and to preserve the True Tone functionality. From iPhone 11, micro soldering is needed to remove the error message. You do this by taking off the data chip and transferring it to the new screen. The newest option is to apply for the IRP Program by Apple.

Match the supplier of the screen before replacing the screen of iPhone 8 Plus and higher

Screens for iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 are made by suppliers like Toshiba and LG. It is important to match the supplier and the chip on the device before placing a new screen to the device. Match the chip and the part from the matching supplier for an ultimate functionality.

iPhone X and Xs devices always come with a 4 or 6 digits on the touch IC cover. Match the digits on the new touch IC with the old one for the best functionality.

When you want to replace a iPhone Xs battery, first remove the tape under the connector to prevent error messages. After that, you need to unsolder the minus and plus points of the BMS board from the battery. Then you can transfer the board to the new battery.

Sometimes the rear camera from a iPhone 12 doesn’t work after replacement. That is because of the calibration of the camera. Do you have another camera in stock? Try-out this one to see whether it has been calibrated different so does work well. If not, you need to hand the repair to an official Apple Service point.

Save time on iPad repairs by checking the touch function in advance

To make advantage on your iPad repairs, always check the touch function of the digitizer in advance and after repairing, before you replace the screen back to the device. Otherwise, your right to return will lapse and it will take you extra time to open up the device again after there is a mal-function.

Never use an iPad 2019 or 2020 screen for an iPad 2021 screen repair. Although the size of the screens is the same, the 2021 screen contains special sensors for recognition of the screen. So that means, the device will never function well, using the wrong screen. Also the size of the camera wholes differ.


In short: stick to these 10 golden rules for iPhone and iPad repair and you will be safe:

• Use appropriate tools for your repairs and always work ESD safe;
• Always use suitable parts with the right quality;
• Make sure you always warm up iPhones and iPads to open them up safely;
• Transfer the screen information with iPhone 11 to prevent touch screen problems and to preserve True Tone;
• Always match the supplier of a screen with the device for optimal operation for iPhone 8 Plus and higher;
• Check whether the screen has a 4 or 6 digits on the module chip and match this with the number of digits on the device;
• When replacing the iPhone Xs or newer batteries, always transfer the BMS board to the new battery to prevent error messages;
• You may need to try multiple cameras when repairing the iPhone 12’s rear camera;
• Before an iPad repair, always check the functionality of the touch function to save time and money;
• Never use an iPad 2019 or 2020 screen for an iPad 2021, this will not work.

These were our tips. Any questions or additions? Let us know below.