There are currently several providers of refurbished and Pre-Owned (used) devices. They all offer different qualities and are often not completely transparent about what you buy. As a one-stop-shop, we also want to offer devices, but we want to be clear what exactly you are buying. This is the only way to compare the devices by price. In this blog we will explain what quality we deliver and why. We also make two promises that are very beneficial for you and your customers.

Latest update: 8-3-2022

Our promises

We do not compromise on the quality of our devices. This is why it is possible that your desired model is not in stock at all times. When this is the case, we unfortunately have not been able to find a device that meets all our quality standards. Find our promises regarding our devices below.

1. Completely honest about the quality of the battery

Minimal cycles + low age = maximum capacity. only offers products of the best quality. We strictly inspect the devices for cosmetic damage. In addition, of course, the technical aspect is also very important. Another important indicator that is often forgotten: the battery. We test the battery of every device that arrives with special software. We look at how many charging cycles the device has had, read the age and capacity. Finally, we assess the quality of the device based on all the results. For example, an iPhone can cosmetically look like an A grade, but finally get a B grade due to the battery status. Do you want to know why the number of charging cycles and age are so important? Read it in the blog: Batteries in relation to used devices.
Different qualities of Pre-Owned devices

2. Make sufficient margin as a reseller and start to be more eco-friendly!

Make an average profit of 62,5o euro on each sold device

Offering Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads is not a goal in itself for many resellers. However, as a reseller you can offer an environmentally friendly alternative to a new device and earn €25 to €100 per device. As a result, the sale of Pre-Owned devices will contribute to your profit interest and to your goal of growing towards an environmentally conscious, full-service telecom store.

Our Pre-Owned devices qualities explained

We offer Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads in our range and distinguish four qualities: Like New (PO-A+), Nearly New (PO-A), Slightly Used (PO-B) and Intensively Used (PO-C). On all qualities of iPhones and iPads apply that small parts may have been replaced. Instead, there have never been motherboard repairs. By scanning the QR code on the box, you can retrieve valuable device information with which you can convince your customer of the quality of the device.

Table differences between PO devices

On Pre-Owned Like new (PO-A+), Pre-Owned Nearly new (PO-A) and Pre-Owned Slightly used (PO-B) devices, 2Serivce B.V. standard 12 months warranty, on Pre-Owned C quality, 6 months. Accessories are never included, from an environmentally friendly point of view. Most of your customers will already have an iPhone charger or earplugs.

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