Of course, as a mobile repair professional, you need a microscope tool kit to be able to carry out your repairs. Are you curious to know which microscope tool kit you need exactly? We are happy to explain it to you in this article.

JBC soldering kit

The JBC soldering kit is a kit that you can enjoy throughout your micro soldering career. This kit contains a JBC soldering station and three special tips: the micropoint soldering iron tip, the knife shaped soldering iron tip and the Jtip. Justin Ashford explains it in detail in this video about the JBC soldering kit.

Hand Tool Kit

The AOR-KT Hand Tool Kit is a basic set for micro soldering. This set contains essential hand tools for L3 repairs and has been put together with the aim of letting you discover what works best for your micro soldering jobs. Justin Ashford tells you more about the Hand Tool Kit in this video.


Lightweight Stand

The Lightweight Stand is the microscope set for anyone looking for a standard microscope set to use in the store. For example, to show customers what they are doing to support their repairs. The set contains all the basic necessities for a microscope set-up. The Lightweight Stand is further explained by Justin Ashford in this video.


Metal Rework Stand

The better choice among microscope sets for your micro soldering work! Justin Ashford takes you extensively in this video, but we can tell you that the Metal Rework Stand offers more work space than the Lightweight Stand. This set comes with a work mat that also has space for storing screws and other small parts and tools.

Heavy Boom Stand

The Heavy Boom Stand set contains a microscope stand with two mounting holes and is movable 365 degrees! This is the most consistent, stable and the most manoeuvrable standard we have in our assortment and is therefore only intended for the real micro soldering professional. In this video Justin Ashford will take you through the Heavy Boom Stand in detail.


Curious to know how to assemble these microscope tool kits? Read our blog on how you can do this in four steps.