You may have already seen them on our website, the High Capacity batteries for the iPhone. The name says it all, thanks to these batteries you give your customer’s iPhone a longer battery life. Everyone in our industry experiences daily that technology is anything but standing still. So is the technology of batteries.

New technology batteries

Current technology makes it possible to make better batteries for existing iPhone models. During the release of the iPhone 6S it was simply not possible to process more than 1715 mAh (Milliampere-hour) in the original battery, with current technology it is possible to process as much as 2340 mAh in this battery. 

This is also the reason why the differences between the original batteries and these High Capacity batteries are greatest with the older models. Newer models of course also use newer technology and therefore more capacity in the batteries. Such as the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 8 (17 to no less than 27% more capacity)

The difference between Best Possible and High Capacity batteries

Obviously, the biggest difference between our Best Possible iPhone batteries and the High Capacity batteries is the capacity (mAh) of the battery. In addition, the High Capacity batteries are slightly thicker than the Best Possible batteries. This is so minimal that you will not be bothered by it when installing the battery and the user will not notice it.

Because Apple has built in security from the iPhone XS, replacing the battery will always provide a notification. The so-called “Important Battery Message” message. This indicates that the iPhone cannot verify that there is a genuine Apple battery in the device. This message can simply be ignored. 

It does prevent the iPhone user from gaining insight into battery usage statistics and battery health. It is possible to remove the message from iPhone 11. This can be done with a jumper cable.

For which iPhones are High Capacity batteries available?

At the moment we have High Capacity batteries for

High Capacity Batteries Cheaper Than Best Possible?

You may have noticed that some High Capacity batteries are cheaper than Best Possible batteries for the same model iPhone. The reason for this is the flex. As explained before, the High Capacity battery has an aftermarket flex and the Best Possible battery has an Factory std flex. 

The Factory std flex is simply more expensive than the aftermarket flex, so in some cases the High Capacity battery is cheaper than the Best Possible variant for the same model iPhone.