Remco Spreeuwers is the CEO of and has been involved in the creation of a super cool company from day one. What started with one day a week, in combination with his old position, has now grown into the successful company 2Service with as its showpiece.

Initially only offered parts, but now they also offer Tools, Devices, Accessories and Services to support all mobile repair professionals. Time to ask Remco some questions!

How did 2Service arise?

When I started 2Service, I actually had few expectations as I just wanted to start something new. I entered the organization with the assumption that we would sell white and brown goods parts from Samsung. The fact that we went mobile later was a gift!

I soon noticed that I thought it was fantastic to create something together with colleagues. Creating something that is successful and valued together gives a lot of energy!

The organization has now expanded to such an extent that it involves much more responsibility. It’s not just ‘an enterprise’ anymore. We sincerely serve a greater purpose of supporting the mobile repair industry in every possible way. We want to lead the way in everything we do!

Who is Justin Ashford?

Justin Ashford is the founder of The Art of Repair. Justin has been a specialist in the market for 15 years now and he has had his own repair shops in the United States. Besides this, he has also worked for various clients in China for many years. He therefore knows better than anyone what is going on in the world of electronics repair.

Justin is a godsend to the mobile repair industry. He is one of the few people who is so idealistic as to want to share his knowledge and skills with the industry. Completely free of charge via his YouTube channel.

I don’t know anyone who knows how to enchant everyone during his training sessions, so passionately and in a unique way with his character. In addition to his passion, dedication and humor, he really has the drive to train people well.

How do you know each other?

In 2020 had organized a conference in Burgers’ Zoo. During the organization of this congress, there was also a search for speakers to give substance to the congress. Justin immediately reacted very positively when I asked him if he wanted to come to the Netherlands for a lecture about the future of the mobile repair market.

Before the conference, there was room for an introductory session with micro soldering. In the end Justin spent a week in the Netherlands and we talked about the industry all week. What turned out? We clicked a lot, both personally and professionally.

Why did you start working together?

Justin would, in addition to The Art of Repair, be available again for new work to be taken on. That’s why I asked him if he didn’t want to do any work for, on his last night here. That was the moment we decided to start the first collaboration between and The Art of Repair.

It started with only advice on the selection of tools, which eventually led to the establishment of training courses. Justin’s training sessions are also based on the basics of repair. The basis is not only applicable to mobile repair, but also to the repair of other product groups such as TV, drones, etc.

The telecom market is changing and both retail and repair must prepare for the future. That is why retail stores should consider repairing. And repair stores should consider expanding their repairs with micro soldering and perhaps other product groups.

What is the most beautiful thing you have achieved together so far?

The collaboration between and The Art of Repair has ensured that The Art of Repair has become the training institute in the Netherlands. Dozens of students have successfully completed the training and have been able to take the next step in their career.

The fact that the students have successfully completed the training and are now visibly earning their money with micro soldering, that is something we are proud of! It is not without reason that OFED and TechniekNederland have chosen this training as the training they support towards their supporters, we see that as a big compliment!

Would you like to know more about the training courses we offer? Please take a look and feel free to contact us.