We see that more and more consumers are opting for a Pre-Owned device: a device that has some signs of use but can still be used for another round. What should you, as a repair professional, pay attention to when purchasing Pre-Owned appliances?

You can offer Pre-Owned devices to replace devices that can no longer be repaired, or as a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to a new device. This way you can help both your customer ánd create an extra earning model for yourself. In addition, when offering a device, you also immediately have the opportunity to sell accessories so you can earn some extras! To provide the best possible quality for Pre-Owned devices, you should pay attention to the following:

Choose a quality that suits your customers’ wishes

On the market of Pre-Owned devices there are a lot of choices and differences in qualities. At Mobileparts.shop we recently started using 6 different qualities, because we noticed that there was a need for more choice in terms of quality. The SWAP and C+ quality has therefore recently been added for iPhones. SWAP devices are devices that have been used as a replacement device and contain hardly any signs of use. The C+ iPhones are our new ‘budget choice‘. This way you can always offer a quality that fits the wishes of your target group.

Older models tend to be sold more often than new ones

Because new qualities have been added, we also offer a wider choice of models. The most sold models are currently the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 6S and the iPad Air 3 is extremely popular. There you see: the most sold devices are not necessarily the latest models. Especially the older models of iPhones are sold more often.

Pay close attention to the battery health of Pre-Owned devices

Battery quality is an important indicator of the quality of the overall device. That is why we, at Mobileparts.shop, thoroughly check the devices to ensure that évery quality Pre-Owned iPhone has a minimum battery health of 80%! Battery health consists of the number of charge cycles that the device has in combination with the battery’s capacity. Of course you want your customer to enjoy his/her device for a long period of time.

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