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For the sake of clarity and with reference to the website www.mobileparts.community, 2Service B.V. (2Service) would like to call attention to the following:

Property of 2Service B.V.

The website, Mobileparts.community and all parts of the website, with the exception of the news feed and other (hyper)links, are the sole property of 2Service BV. It is not permitted to publish, copy or save the site or parts of the site without the express written permission of 2Service. Permission is not required for personal, non-commercial use.

News feed

The majority of news items on the Mobileparts.community website lead to websites outside of the 2Service domain. By clicking on a news item, you will be sent directly to an external link and will leave the 2Service website. Although great care is taken in the selection of these hyperlinks, 2Service does not guarantee the content, functionality or quality of news items that are available on these external pages.

The selection of articles and the configuration of the news feed on the home page is carried out by HowardsHome on behalf of 2Service. Therefore, 2Service is not responsible for the selection of the messages in this feed. 2Service is also not responsible for the content of the news articles contained in the feed. The articles also do not express the opinions of 2Service. The news feed on Mobileparts.community is provided to its followers for informational purposes. You will find a selection of articles published on a daily basis pertaining to issues that are relevant to the industry with regard to mobile phone repair and other mobile phone news. The news feed is compiled automatically from a variety of internet resources. No rights may be derived from the news feed.

Blog articles

The blog articles on Mobileparts.community are written by 2Service itself or selected and edited with great care by 2Service. Nevertheless, it is possible that the information published on the website may be incomplete and/or incorrect.

The information on the site is regularly updated and/or edited. 2Service retains the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any prior notification.

Reporting vulnerabilities / Responsible disclosure

2Service strives to continually improve and optimise its websites. Nevertheless, it is possible for occasional vulnerabilities to occur within information systems. If you have encountered a vulnerability, please contact us at supportdesk@2service.nl and we will be happy to assist you further. Every report is handled and investigated with care. We therefore request that you describe the vulnerability in as much detail as possible to allow us to investigate the matter as quickly as possible and to inform you of the results.