Nokia delivers 4G-5G software upgrade

Nokia has announced a software upgrade that will enable its 4G/LTE radios to be migrated to 5G/NR.  This provides immediate support for approximately one million radios, reaching 3.1 million by the end of the [...]

2020-07-14T21:50:05+00:00July 14th, 2020|Sector news|

COREnect gets Horizon 2020 funding

"COREnect" (European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components) has been funded under the EU Horizon 2020 to develop a  strategic roadmap of core technologies for future connectivity systems and [...]

2020-07-06T19:00:17+00:00July 6th, 2020|Sector news|

O-RAN compatible DC/DC converters for RFPA

Flex Power Modules is working with OpenRAN, and O-RAN Alliance to broaden its range of isolated DC/DC converters for RFPA. The IEEE, says Flex Power, is stating that existing LTE RFPA [...]

2020-07-01T21:02:19+00:00July 1st, 2020|Sector news|

Memory test and burn-in for 5G development labs

Advantest's H5620ES engineering test system is designed for burn-in and core testing of DDR4, DDR5 and LPDDR devices in laboratory environments. "Like its sister system, the H5620 production unit, the new [...]

2020-07-01T06:00:12+00:00July 1st, 2020|Sector news|

Q3 NOR Flash ASP expected to drop

The NOR Flash ASP climbed by around 5% QoQ in 1Q20 and by about another 10% to 20% QoQ in 2Q20, as buyers re-stocked, says DRAMeXchange. However now, with inventories replenished, [...]

2020-06-23T20:00:13+00:00June 23rd, 2020|Sector news|

Robotics enabler from Qualcomm

Qualcomm has launched a module for edge robotics  applications delivering AI acceleration and 5G connectivity aimed at machine learning, heterogeneous computing, and computer vision, It is engaged with various partners on [...]

2020-06-18T20:02:14+00:00June 18th, 2020|Sector news|